Paprika Saudi Brand Marketing Strategy

December 11, 2022
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December 11, 2022 amagdy

The Saudi Arabian brand “Paprika” wanted to make a marketing strategy to introduce their products to the target audiences and to build awareness among potential customers. In this stage, potential customers become aware of a product and the brand in general and what they offer. The second stage is the consideration, the conversion stage is the third, and the loyalty stage is the final. It’s the business’s job to introduce its products at the beginning with a well-organized and consistent plan to be able to see the full picture before starting.


Amg’s advertising team once received the project, kept an eye on the market to identify the shape of competition in the Saudi Arabian market and to be aware of any upcoming changes too. After analyzing the data, we came up with ideas about how we will present the products to start building awareness. The brand strategy was not only to publish content and generate sales to target audiences but also to build a community that will help in the next stages for our customers’ journey.

The Awareness in this case began by profiling the targeted customers and their needs. Our team saw the designs and content for different platforms are our first steps. In addition to making high-quality posts, we also recommend advertising on social media platforms. The advertising quickly reaches the target customers and also grows the following process. We assured that every design delivers the right message of their menu items with the perfect caption that explains the visual with contact details as below:

After that, during the consideration stage, Paprika builds interest in its products. The consideration stage typically provides more in-depth and persuasive information than the awareness stage. Our social media team provides more visuals to move the customer closer to a purchase and generate more engagement.

Paprika’s unique selling proposition (USP) was its variety of excellent-tasting products between chicken & meat meals. There weren’t any restaurants offering this number of products at this time and amg’ team played it without causing any confusion to the customers. We modified the plan and added Snapchat to our existing platforms which will help us to reach the target audience and move forward in the customers’ journey.

After making a quiet effort in the first two stages, our team created a creative video with an offer free delivery when ordering from Paprika – link:  and added more relatable photos with offers to take our customers to the third stage conversion. Amg’ team decides to rework the copy on social media and website to encourage them to buy products & engage with our content as the below:

By implementing the marketing strategy, Paprika increased its conversion rate and overall revenue. It has made potential customers aware of and built interest in the products and turned them into paying customers. And the following offers images more explaining how we pushed engagement and earn new customers:


Moreover, loyalty stage came when Amg’ encouraged Paprika’s customers to become repeat customers and brand advocates. For example, the brand participates in national occasions in KSA with special offers as social responsibility.

Key Takeaway

When you start marketing a brand, you should focus on some important points like:

  • Market research to determine your current position between your competitors.
  • Know your audiences to determine your approach to target them correctly.
  • Make a plan to target them through customer’s journey (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion & Loyalty).
  • Start publishing your content with audience and engage with them.